T&T Research

T&T Research

Experience you can trust.


Born into Title Research.


My name is Thomas Rance, I am proud to say that my late father passed on to me his 30 years of experience in the title industry. With his old fashioned ways and my looking into the future. He and I opened T&T Research in 1996, a family owned and operated Title Company willing and able to service customers across the street and across the country. 

In a time when companies are looking to cut cost and pass on responsibility to their customers, we have been fully insured since day one. 

Always looking to move into different markets, January 2013, we expanded T&T Research into Lehigh County Pa with the same energy and customer service.

Commercial,  Industrial, Residential, Agricultural and conservation easements. We search it all. 

Our products include an invoice with each product, a typed report of the findings, County assessment printout, full copy of the current deed, first page and description page of the entire chain, pertinent pages of the mortgages, rights of way and easements, dockets for all action/judgments and adversing of the sheriff sale (As needed).

We are able to generate our product catered to you and your client’s needs. If you and your customer have a certain form, we merge them into your system. We will not ask you to wait for us with our time frame. You are the boss and we answer to you.